Wallace Real Estate Services is a leading appraisal firm with expert local knowledge of Southern California. Our diverse background allows us to provide quality valuations and a broad range of other real estate and construction related consulting services.


Our Non-Lending appraisal ability allows us to provide Attorneys, Accountants, Financial Planners and investors with professional valuations for Divorce, Probate, Date of Death, Estate, Eminate Domain and Bankruptcy.

Lending –Related

Single Family Appraiasal

Exterior only Apprasials

Condo Apprasaisals

1- 4 unit Mutlti Family Appraisals

Commercial Appraisals

We provide Commercial appraisals for restaurants to Industrial buildings, from apartments to office buildings. We have the experience to meet your needs.

Real Estate and Construction Related Consulting Services

Over the years, our clients have asked us to help them in other was or have asked us if we can refer them to other professional. Our diverse back ground has allowed us to provide expertise in related areas to real estate appraisal

Our Residential services include; Pre-FHA Appraisal Inspections, Pre-Listing Appraisals, Home Inspections, Square Footage measurements;

Floor plans of existing conditions.

Our Commercial Construction services include:  Cost Estimating, Project Scheduling, Fire Sprinkler design consulting, Construction Loan Monitoring.

We have formed Strategic Alliances for the following:

Architectural Services

Commercial General Contracting

Residential General Contracting

Cost Segregation


Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing

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